Follow Your Dreams

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Who influences you? I’m sure you’ve experienced it before. Think of someone that you’ve looked up to and then immediately felt compelled to move in the same direction. They persuaded you, they moved you to take action. From that, you might have started to think about your dreams and what you wanted to accomplish in life. The next question you’d ask yourself is “How do I get there?”. At this point, there’s only so much that your influencer can do for you. So to that, I say “Don’t follow influencers. Follow your dreams.”

When I saw this white graphic t-shirt at Zara, I knew I had to have it because it’s such an important message to relay or remind people of. If you’re looking up to influencers and trying to follow their dreams, you have no opportunity to make your own. You’re always looking at what they’re doing and to me it is a waste of time not trying to be your own best self and do what you want to do. So become who you want to be and don’t be anyone else because that person already exists and you are one of a kind.

The basic white tee with text is extremely trendy this season. It’s so easy to combine with items such as shorts, skirts, and jeans. My medium wash embroidered shorts are Adam Levine brand from Kmart. I got them for only $16, which is so amazing for embroidered shorts!

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