Brunch on Cloud 9: Gallow Green

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My journey through New York City to find the best rooftop brunch bars continues! If you missed the first post about Hotel Chantelle, be sure to read about it here.

This time I took a trip to Gallow Green in Chelsea, and it was an absolutely breathtaking experience! This exotic place is so popular, it is known as one of the best rooftop bars in all of New York City! Here’s a quick tip: plan on arriving at least 15 minutes prior to your reservation time.

When you walk inside, you quickly realize that this isn’t your typical rooftop bar. There is only one passageway to get up to the top and you are brought into an elevator with your very own elevator operator. On the way up, they go over what you can expect and mention other events Gallow Green has to offer (I linked for you to check out). The elevator itself reminded me of the Tower of Terror ride in Disney World because it was dim and looked like it belonged in the 1930s. As the elevator rose, my excitement and curiosity continued to build up. When the elevator doors open, you are still left in low lighting as you walk down the hall to the stairs. It almost feels like you are in a movie set on your way to an exclusive venue. Once you walk up the stairs, the natural lighting of the rooftop opens up and you are struck with the gorgeous greenery. When your eyes adjust to the light, you are greeted by hundreds of  flowers and vines that wrap around the entire rooftop. I stood there waiting to be seated just mesmerized by the beauty of the fairytale-like environment. The place is stunning, and I loved the wooden benches and tables as it added to the natural and very earthy type of environment.

It is a buffet style brunch with a massive spread that covers parts of the entire rooftop. They have so many varieties of food from organic fried chicken and salmon to applewood smoked bacon and waffles (to die for bacon and waffles I might add). The menu is pretty extensive, and caters to any type of foodie. The drink menu is very unique and so refreshing.  They have a live band serenading everyone with beautiful fusion music while you eat your delicious meal and bask in the atmosphere. I definitely recommend trying Gallow Green for a fantastic rooftop brunch experience.

For my outfit, I found more great deals from Primark to share! This super colorful floral romper is only $17 and I am obsessed with the frilly off the shoulder sleeves. My adorable little pink backpack is also from Primark and is only $14. I love how it is just big enough to carry my essentials, especially my DSLR camera so I can take pictures of the city.

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