My Find of the Month: July

I know it’s summer, but my find of the month is a beautiful pair of boots that I found on Boohoo. Now you may be asking yourself, “why on earth would you buy boots during a warm season?” Well, some winter fashion trends can actually be used all year round (which really helps your wallet). I find that boots in the summer look amazing with shorts and skirts. It brings edge to your outfit and makes you stand out. I love how these sock boots are a wide fit so they don’t hug your leg. The heel height is 1.2″ which is a perfect size to me to be comfortable walking.

I may be biased since my middle name is Rose, but there is something so beautiful about embroidered roses or flowers in general on clothes. It gives whatever you are wearing that little pop of color it needs. Unfortunately, my skirt which is also from Boohoo is no longer available. However, I hate not being able to click on a link that takes you to exactly where you can buy the items displayed. That is why I have linked some similar skirts to the bottom of this post that are all under $20!

I wore this outfit this past weekend to Her Conference in NYC. Her Conference is a conference mostly for individuals involved in an organization called Her Campus, but is open to the public as well. Her Campus is a media brand for the empowered college woman. The individuals in this organization get together to write and market articles about numerous amounts of topics. These topics can include fashion, love, health, news, entertainment, etc. The conference consisted of workshops and famous keynote speakers who all really left me feeling motivated and ready to take on the world. After attending this conference, I felt like I could do anything. The support you feel from this organization after attending is amazing and the whole conference absolutely blew me away. To find out more about Her Campus and how you can join or start a group at your school, please visit their website.

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