Date Day

Since I am an affordable fashion and lifestyle blogger, I like to incorporate both my outfits and experiences in my posts. Today’s post is about finding the perfect summer “date day” outfit. I often find that the best date day outfits are the ones that are both cute, comfy, and cheap! The price is second to none and that’s why you should never underestimate the clearance section.

I have been to more places this summer than ever before, but before I go back to school I want to make the most out of what is left. This past weekend I went out to lunch with my boyfriend in Hoboken, NJ. We found a very cute restaurant called Sorellina. I had a frosé for the first time and it was amazing! I think I found my new summer drink. For those who may not know, a frosé is a slush drink that can be made a few different ways. For the one I had, they mixed rosé with vodka and froze it. I am linking a frosé tutorial for you to try out yourself because I am definitely going to make this drink at home.

As for my outfit, this week I have some season changing shopping advice. I have learned that you should never underestimate a sale and that if it looks too good to be true, it just means to stock up and buy more! Zara, like many stores, is switching over to their fall collection. That means sales for weeks! I visited Zara in New York City and purchased this black t-shirt top for only $6! I absolutely love the frilled sleeves on this because while the shirt is comfortable to wear, the sleeves dress the look up. Many would call this type of buy a “steal,” and I find that to be accurate because I might as well have walked out of the store with this steal!

Make sure to visit your favorite stores leading up to Labor Day for blowout sales. Chances are you will find some really great deals like this! Happy shopping!

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