My Find of the Month: August

Hello beautiful people, it’s time again for my find(s) of the month! That’s right, I have two awesome products I came across this month that I am so excited to share!  The first are these adorable and super comfortable pink sneakers I got at Primark for $14! These aren’t necessarily “running sneakers”, but if you are looking for a pair of sneakers for work or a light workout, I definitely recommend these! You feel like you are walking on a cloud when you wear them. I love them so so much.

My graphic tie back tank is from Aerie. It is super soft and on sale for $20! Now through August 23rd. Text “GRLPWR” to 23743 and receive 20% off your Aerie purchase! I love to workout in tanks like these because they don’t cling to your body and you can throw on a thin tank or sports bra underneath. I can’t get enough of my graphic tanks and tees with words that I can relate to. I’m not a big coffee drinker, but avocado toast is life. I can eat that with poached eggs any day, any time. I especially like this tank’s saying, “OMG I need a nap” because I think we can all agree that keeping up with healthy trends can be exhausting. Our daily lives are hectic as it is, and honestly, I didn’t buy this shirt for the yoga or the green juice. I can call this a “workout look”, but for me, it is more of a “running errands” look or even something I would wear to class. At the end of the day, I picked this shirt up off the rack because it made me laugh.  I look at it as attempting to keep up with health trends, but realizing, that worrying too much about them may just be too much effort. It is a great choice to be health conscious and focus on what is good to eat, however, I don’t make it my life because I love to splurge on things like sweets and that is a-ok.

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